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Qwerty Networks- is a group of projects that use a single information and functional environment for the creation and development of social networks and artificial intelligence systems. Our projects are powerful social networks. Our company provides unique services for the creation of full-fledged international social networks, as well as multi-functional Internet portals.

We develop not simple sites, but the most real horizontal scalable social networks, as well as dating sites and high-loaded portals! The company Qwerty Networks implements projects based on the Qwerty Social Network Engine - a software and hardware complex for creating social networks.

Based on the Qwerty Social Network Engine, many well-known international projects, social networks, dating sites, as well as specialized portals have been implemented. For example, the well-known international blogging platform Qwerty.blog (competitor LiveJournal), which works in 47 languages ​​and daily registers hundreds of new bloggers, the social business network B2Bingo.com and other social networks. We have launched dozens of major portals, as well as social networks around the world. In addition, we are developers of the Querty AI neuro-linguistic platform.

We accept orders and are glad to any cooperation in the field of development and joint launch of social networks, highly loaded portals, payment systems. In our person you will get a reliable business partner!

Do you want to become a new Zuckerberg? Contact us! We're not kidding!

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